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Your child will love visiting our office for cleanings and comprehensive check-ups because we make the experience fun and comfortable. They will be in great hands as we work to teach great hygiene habits that he or she will continue through adulthood.



Evening and Saturday appointments available. Proudly serving Central New Jersey since 1991.

Your child's baby teeth should be protected to prevent developing serious dental issues later in life. You should bring your toddler in for their first visit between the ages of 2 and 3.


The first few visits will be used as a time to get your son or daughter familiar with dental visits and excited about teeth brushing.

The development of primary teeth

Regular dentist visits can help identify, diagnose and treat potential problems such as cavities and overcrowding before they develop into more serious issues.


If your child is suffering from premature teeth loss, ask the dentist about the possibility of  dental spacers to maintain proper spacing between teeth.

Protecting your child's teeth

For a child, a visit to the dentist could be a scary experience. However, at Robert E. Soyka DMD Family Dentistry, they enter a comfortable environment as soon as they step foot into our office. You will even find a television in each treatment room, to further relax and occupy your child during their exam.

Kid-friendly atmosphere

Your child will love visiting the dentist